I first developed an interest in baking in my later teens.  It started out as a fun activity with a delicious outcome, and eventually grew into my passion and career.  Friends always encouraged me to pursue a career in the culinary world, and having a serious sweet tooth left me with no choice but to go into pastry.  I was lucky enough to be trained at Flour Bakery & Cafe in Boston, where I learned an incredible amount about the world of pastry.  I helped open the Fort Point Channel location in February 2007, and served as Head Baker until December 2008.  I worked briefly at a local chocolate shop as a chocolatier and pastry chef, which helped fulfill my ongoing desire to learn and expand my knowledge and skills.  Currently, I work as the assistant pastry chef at Sofra Bakery and Cafe in Cambridge, exploring Middle Eastern flavor profiles.

My goal is to create something that not only looks beautiful, but is truly delicious.  Many cake chefs get caught up in the intricacies of cake decoration, and lose sight of the fact that the cake itself should be much more than simply edible.  While of course what meets the eye should always be pleasing, I focus more on creating a cake whose flavor and texture is unforgettable.  I like to think of my style as clean, simple, and elegant.

I’m always challenging my creative side to come up with unique flavor combinations, while maintaining the balance with a clean, classic, familiar palate.  I love making the classics, because although they have been done time and again, a classic well-done is often hard to come by.

I look forward to working with you to create a delicious cake, or some other creation for your special event.


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